Affordable Bandwidth for Super Yachts
Now you can get the bandwidth you need at an affordable price. Stop putting up with extreme charges, bandwidth throttling, and demanding multi-year contracts.


Marine VSAT has fine tuned a broadband plan that will meet the needs of any yacht owner.

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Great Rates

Outfitting and maintaining super yachts can be a costly affair. Your bandwidth expense doesn’t have to be one of those burdens.


Marine VSAT has some of the most competitive rates for bandwidth on the open sea. We’ll help you get connected and do everything else we can to ensure you manage your bandwidth wisely and keep data streaming on the budget that’s right for you.

Unlimited Access

Your yacht needs guaranteed, unlimited access to the web. We understand why that’s important and our offering reflects that.


With Marine VSAT, you will always be connected. We’ve structured our plans and services to ensure you keep your crew and passengers dialed in at all times.

8:1 Pricing
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1:1 Pricing
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Interested in getting custom packages?

Marine VSAT will work with you to craft the perfect package. Contact us directly and we’ll look at your unique situation and ensure you get the services you need at the prices you want.

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