Crestron Lighting system are a perfect way to integrate lighting into a vessel.

The lighting system can be done in two ways.

1. A complete new system with Crestron modules driving the power to the lights, with this system there is then low voltage switches on the wall that can trigger the lights alternatively this can be tied into the an easy interface on an Ipad or Tablet. These modules are dimmable.

2. For existing systems you have the options of changing the switch to a Crestron switch this then communicates via an RF signal to a receiver that lets the control processor control the lights. This system is also dimmable depending on your source.


Having the system all integrated creates an easy way for crew to turn on all the exterior lights and set the mood. The Ipad or Tablet will give you feedback as to what the state of the light is.

For those vessels that are power conscious, a trigger for when no guests are onboard can be set that automatically turns the guest area lights off at a certain time of day. There is an added benefit of safety for those vessels still running halogen bulbs inside.