With Crestron nothing is over looked.

The blind system can easily be integrated into any interface which gives feedback as to the position of the blind.

Roller Shades

  • Architectural Series
    The Architectural Series of mounting hardware and brackets is modular in design and can include both curved and square fascia styles – available in a variety of finishes.
  • Designer Cassette Series
    For individual shades, the Designer Cassette provides a self-enclosed decorative mounting option, available in a variety of finishes or an attractive fabric-wrapped option.
  • Décor Series
    The Décor Series provides standalone, universal mounting brackets that can be oriented in multiple configurations. These decorative exposed brackets create a unique contemporary or industrial trend-based look.

Roman Shades

  • Classic Roman Shades:
    A traditional, clean design where each pleat has a support rod to fold neatly and lie flat when raised and lowered.
  • Hobbled Roman Shades:
    Fuller in body, it keeps its distinctive folds even when lowered. Support rods are concealed in pockets at the back of each pleat.
  • Relaxed Roman Shades:
    A soft, flowing shade that lies flat when lowered but always has a gentle bottom curve.
  • London Roman Shades:
    A gentle curved bottom, similar to a Relaxed Roman, with more decorative folds on each side.
  • Knife Pleat Roman Shades:
    Dowels in pockets on the back of the shade form decorative seams on the front.
  • Ribbed Pleat Roman Shades:
    A reverse knife pleat style with the dowel pockets on the front of the shade to accent each pleat.

Drapery Tracks

  • Drapery tracks can be bent or curved to match the shape of your room
  • Pinch pleat, Ripplefold and Accordia-fold® styles for straight tracks
  • Choose where to place the back-stack left draw, right draw, center draw, or a custom draw

Crestron offers more than 400 fabric selections to choose from, including transparent, translucent, and blackout materials. We can find a fabric to coincide with the look and feel of any interior.


Transparent fabrics transmit light so that objects or images are seen through the weave of the fabric. These have an openness factor between 3-17%.
Benefits: Solar protection, natural light and glare control, and reduced solar heat gain.


Translucent fabrics transmit diffused light and enhance privacy. The exterior view is only partially visible as silhouettes and shadows. These fabrics typically have an openness factor between 1-3%.
Benefits: Solar protection, privacy, enhanced natural light filtration, and reduced solar heat gain.


Blackout fabrics provide advanced light blockage and privacy. Use additional accessories to create a complete blackout solution and prevent light leak between the fabric and the jamb, and the hem bar and the sill.
Benefits: Ultimate light and glare control, complete privacy and a dramatic reduction in solar heat gain.